Monday, March 5, 2012

The Bird of Destiny

A shrill cry - desperate - reverberating from the cracks of a shattered soul
A shower of golden feathers,twisted at odd angles, bent, tattered and torn
wings flapping relentlessly, fighting hard against an impending doom
talons clawing at the empty air, searching for a nonexistent foothold
the vicious tongues of flame rise and fall as if to an unheard symphony
scorching, burning in every touch, hungry for the last shreds of hope
a lone tail feather catches flame, a momentary flash of brilliant gold
And then nothing but a trail of ash and soot, a stab of pain, a stench of fear
A sudden restless rustling of the wings,  a cry of new-found vigor
an inch of progress -  a possible escape - a  sudden glimmer of hope
But then the inevitable backward glance,the vision of all-engulfing flames
Terror - a flutter of panic - the gradual dawning of cold despair
Fatigue - wings beat out of rhythm, a realization of the inevitable end
the fierce cry of will fades into a mournful song of acceptance 
The flames approach, touch, advance - the waves of heat burst forth
and then the burning - somehow purifying each string of existence
The rising fumes choking, breaking, muting the last lament
Blazing fire weaving into the plumes of  dazzling gold
Flecks of ash swirling amongst the the ever-spreading flames
Before disappearing into nothingness, denied the truth of existence
A wing swallowed, then the other - body indistinguishable from its doom
A silent tear, vaporized before it could take its destined shape
A swirl of fire, smoke and extinguished life bursts into emptiness
And then the flames keep burning on, but the phoenix doesn't rise again

[Disclaimer: The content of the above text is purely fictional. Any similarity, to any phoenix, living or dead, is purely coincidental. No phoenixes were harmed in the writing of the above text.]


  1. (collects blown pieces of mind from the floor)

  2. ontor dondo ta bhaloi prokash peyechhey :)
    nice try tiyasha keep it up
    ar obviuosly etar jonno amar torof thekey ekta lekha dedicate korbo :)

  3. Thank you both!

    Saptarshida: tomar lekhatar opekkhai thakbo

    Bish: hope you found all the pieces :P

  4. Amazing. Loved it