Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dear Listener....

[After 6 solid months of writers' block, I guess its a decent start...]

Words, many words woven into a  fantastic tale
 embroidery giving life to a tapestry, ornate
An anecdote to complement the best vintage wine
The frowns, laughs and sighs so perfectly timed
And the captivating melody of her mirthful voice
As she casts that unearthly spell with such ethereal poise

Oh listener, how perfect this evening seems
As you swallow the elixir of her childish dreams
And you wander, lustful, in her enchanted world
As she fuels her lies with well chosen words
And if ever she pauses for a slow sip of wine
Oh! how you die to hear how her fantasy unwinds

Oh listener, for a moment, break free of the spell
The truth is whispered behind the lies words can tell
Hear the clatter of the china when her white fingers shake
The tinkling of her jewels speak of the laughter she fakes
The rustle of her handkerchief, as she tries wipe her sweat
The  tapping of her high heels, the swishing of her plait

Oh listener, please listen to the story she tells
The one that she hides in words rehearsed so well
For such gruesome tales her voice cannot speak
And yet, beneath the lies, to speak her heart seeks
Its the truth, dear listener,that she wishes to share
Are you courageous enough to listen to her?


  1. It IS a decent start, and it turns out that last post was NOT the last poem to be ever posted on this blog.

    Good stuff.

  2. Thanks Achyut...and yeah, there'll be a lot many poems more :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks dear!
      You, I know, will have identified with it :)