Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Elephant Speaks

Hey guys! So what villages have you been up to destroying? Guess where I was?That's right, The Indian Institute of Technology, no less!Oh by the way, the largest campus thing is just hype, its really not that big a deal. I mean, I couldn't walk down those roads without knocking one of their light sticks over...what do you call them...lampposts or something!And they didn't even allow me entrance at the main gate.I had to go all the way around and break a wall down.Outrageous , I tell you! But I'll grant them one thing; for people dedicated to the service of the nation, they sure know how to make their guests feel important! They acted lie my visit was the single most important thing to have happened to them in ages! They actually put up gtalk and facebook status messages up to honour my visit. I hear some of them even had group threads running, tracking my every move. But do you know what touched my heart most? After days of watching people running away from me like I am some kind of monster, finally I found some respect. They actually left the comforts of their rooms on a cold night just to catch a glimpse of me! Such love! How I wish I could fix their lamp-thingy! But you know what? I think I'll be famous! No, I'm not just talking of the news coverage, guys. Some kid in there is actually writing a whole blog all about me! Oh if only it gets published somewhere! I can sort of understand why, though! I got bored of the place in mere hours, wonder what four entire years of it can do to you....


  1. congratulations :) for being able to talk to one of those elephants (bonus cookies for publishing its interview :P)
    now i should stop imagining the elephant really speaking those words :B

  2. lovely... :)
    brilliant... :)
    gawwwwwdly... :):):)

  3. hehe..........Tiyasa...... :D
    Innovative !!

  4. not allowed at the main gate and the elephant is still bowled over by our hospitality??? pretty low expectations,huh

  5. tor lekha ta undoubtedly bhalo
    but apart from this ekta comment debo tui ektu para wise lekh naholey ,given the already very clumsy background portey ,besh osubidhey hoi arki :)