Sunday, April 17, 2011

Save yourselves, you fools....

I have a certain friend who I have been calling a narcissist on a regular basis recently. Is he one? Perhaps. But stop gloating will you, you are no better yourselves. I mean even when you dream up a higher power, you create him in your own image. Of course God looks like your great granddad, for what can he be, if not a wiser version of you?
Well, at least that is one thing we agree upon: wisdom is not your strength, mankind, so stop acting like it is. Your childlike fascination as of late has been caught up with the environment. "Save mother nature", "save greenery", "save the planet"! Yeah right! The planet will implode upon itself if you keep littering, won't it? Let me tell you something you bunch of narcissists, "thou shalt not destroy the planet, thou shalt destroy thyself."
Come here kids, let me tell you a story. Guess what its about? Dinosaurs! They were big and strong and roamed the world like kings, till they over-exploited their food sources and destroyed their own habitats. Did the planet suffer, no! It removed dinosaurs from its face. But you are different, aren't you? You are small and weak without your 'technology'; your special 'technology' that can destroy the World!
Keep dreaming people, for ignorance is bliss, and denial the heart of existence.To all of you who are out there trying to do mother nature a favour by saving her, here's a word of advice: "Think". For all those who think they are above the menial task of protecting the environment : "Think again." In short, realize that you really aren't the one doing the favour here. Let me explain in short simple sentences the exact effects of your indifference towards your habitat.
You will exploit resources thoughtlessly. You will pollute your surroundings further. You will get some flora and fauna extinct. Ecological balance will be destroyed. Nature will have had enough of you. Natural calamities will occur. You will not adapt to the changes in your environment. You, yes all of you, will perish.The planet however , with sunlight, water and oxygen, will recover from the wounds you inflicted upon it, will give birth to new life and continue her happy existence.
So my dear fellow human beings, here's a not so humble request. Stop acting like benevolent saints who do nature a favour by caring for her. Realize what's at stake. With the sole purpose of saving your own backsides, stop and think before you act. Try for your own sake to inflict minimal environmental damage. Try, in short, to save yourselves.


  1. And your point is?

  2. @my namesake above: The point was staring you at you face. Remove your pre-formed notions and read again.

    @tiyasa: The first paragraph was quite a horrible introduction. I mean the emotion expressed in it is probably very justified, but it felt too abrupt and rather uncalled-for. The rest of the piece was absolutely pertinent, very very true and insightful in more ways than is immediately apparent. Like I always say, we aren't ever really good or bad, we are either smart or stupid. It's easy and convenient to express the latter as the former.

  3. Thank you. The purpose of the first paragraph was to be harsh enough to get the reader to appreciate the rest. There were better ways t do that, though...

  4. this is some jobless bullshit! get a life!

  5. My point being you won't have a life for long unless you take note of this :|........

  6. Well .. thats total crap !